Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse – 120 + 120 Kit


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Ultimate Cleanse® is a 2-part program. Part I is the Multi-Herb™ that stimulated and facilitates the release of toxins. Part II is the Multi-Fiber™ which is designed to facilitate the elimination and removal of toxins, and is designed to be taken in harmony with your normal daily activities – no fasting is necessary. Made from highest quality, 100% natural ingredients. Part 1, Multi-Herb contains 29 powerful cleansing herbs that target and support the entire internal body, with herbs for the liver (dandelion root), the lymph system (echinacea angustifolia root extract), to soothe the intestines (slippery elm bark) and more. Part 2, Multi Fiber combines 20 ingredients, including 13 sources of fiber, 5 complementary herbs, chlorella and acidophilus in a synergistic formula that supports the body’s own natural detoxification processes, helping to promote 2-3 bowel movements per day.


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